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When Twitter Hashtag Went Viral, American Woman Took Credit, Then Admitted She Didn't Create It »

Remember when I said that this Ramaa Mosley woman that is going around doing press and is being credited with creating the #bringbackourgirls campaign will be cashing in on this? (See point 5 here) - The lady is a clear fraud and orchestrated this thing from the beginning. Now you know why CNN was first to label her a savior. This woman is being funded heavily, and co-opting the Chibok tragedy was just a way to promote herself, her film and to earn money. She is shameless.

Let this be a teachable moment for the naive souls who messaged me, saying that we don’t know her intentions, it doesn’t matter who gets credit etc. Maybe if you actually paid closer attention, you’d be able to see charlatans for who they were, instead of always coming to the defense of white saviors.