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Some of you don’t get it

A few people have messaged me about this post to say that it’s no big deal who gets “credit” for spearheading #bringbackourgirls and that it’s all about awareness. That’s absurd.

1. If it wasn’t important, then Ramaa Mosley wouldn’t be making the media rounds.

2. It’s critical for the world to know that apart from being a Nigerian story, it was Nigerians who started the activism both on the ground and online. Who else would? Who else would spearhead #bringbackourgirls? These are *their* girls in the literal sense of the word. Nigerians fed up with the slow response took to the streets, demanding the return of their daughters. Mothers took to the streets. Nigerians were protesting in anyway they could. People formed search parties to look for the girls in the Sambisa forest. Nigerian activists have been arrested and detained. This is not a game. To see this white woman saunter in after all this is an insult. Her actions are self-aggrandizing and self-serving.

3. The ugly undercurrent of “no one is doing anything” and “no one was talking about it” has resurfaced now that this white savior has been forcefully inserted into the narrative. This is what happens when you continually push distortions and untruths, they become the truth. Despite wide reporting, many made it appear as if no one was talking about it, because in their narrow scope of the world, the US mainstream media is all that matters and is the only thing relevant. This created the atmosphere where a white savior could be easily inserted into a narrative. We now know this white woman by name. How many non-Nigerians can name any Nigerian activist who has been working on the ground since day one?

4. How do you erase Nigerians from an incident in Nigeria?

5. The white savior narrative erases anyone not white. The narrative must center on a white person. They must be the saviors. They will say who gets acknowledgment and representation doesn’t matter, while they are simultaneously making the media rounds and getting all the acknowledgment and representation. This white woman is a filmmaker. Don’t be surprised to see a future book deal or a documentary on her heroism. Maybe she’ll start doing speaking engagements. She will cash in on this at some point. People like her always do.

6. If you don’t speak out about blatant lies like this, you’ll slowly be written out of your own history. It’s an age old problem with black people globally. Paul Whiteman is the king of jazz. Elvis is the king of rock. Skinhead culture is white. Ska is music made by white dudebros. Macklemore is post-black. Ramaa Mosley saved the Nigerian girls with her #bringbackourgirls campaign.

7. For all the people who kept mentioning how “no one was reporting this” and that “no one is talking about it” and how US mainstream media needs to report this story; I hope you can now understand why your media is bullshit after these turn of events. They will whitewash everything, even events in Nigeria.

8. Ramaa Mosley is backtracking and is acknowledging that she didn’t start this, and is highlighting the Nigerian activists who did (like Obiageli Ezekwesili). That only happened because people are calling her and the US media out on their shit. They got on her ass. The fact is that she’s been going around doing press for almost a week and did not correct the media that gave her credit until she got called out and people put the hammer down. That’s what we need to do. We should hit them in the head with our hammers. Be unrelenting. Make them bleed until they are forced to recant and be truthful. You can’t pussyfoot around with people who are trying to erase you. You must remain vigilant because those that seek to steal your glory never rest.