What part of Africa is that dance from?

So my friend’s Aunt is in town from Cameroon. She’s been on an exercise regimen for the last few months, and doesn’t feel she should stop because she’s in the US for 2 weeks. So he took her to a gym and she saw they were offering African dance class and she was interested. She got into it with the gym staff and trainer. I’m paraphrasing what my friend told me was said.

Aunt - What kind of African dance do you have?

Gym staff - Oh we have different levels of African dance. Are you a beginner?

Aunt - I don’t mean different levels of dancing skills. You say it’s African dance. What kind of dance? I’m from Douala, Cameroon. Where is your dance from?

Gym staff - It’s from Africa.

Aunt - But where in Africa?

Gym staff - Let me get the trainer. She should be able to assist you.

Aunt - Ok.

Trainer - Hello. How may I help you?

Aunt - Hello, I am inquiring about your African dance. What kind of African dance are you offering?

Trainer - We have different levels of African dance. Is this your first time?

Aunt - Is this my first time dancing as an African?

Trainer - I meant is this your first time taking an African dance class.

Aunt - Why aren’t you people telling me where in Africa your dance is from? I’m sure they don’t dance like where I’m from in many other African countries. Is there a dance class for Europe and Asia?

Trainer - It’s most likely a hybrid of African dances. It’s really a terrific workout!

Aunt - You’re most likely offering hybrid African dances?

Trainer - It’s a wonderful way to get in shape. Should I sign you up?

Aunt - You don’t know where this dance you are teaching is from do you? How do you know it’s even African? I’m not going to pay you to instruct me on African dance if you don’t know where in Africa it’s from. I want to know before I spend my money.

My friend said his Aunt walked out after that. I asked him why he didn’t say anything the entire time, and he said it looked like his Aunt had a handle on things and he was too busy trying to hold his laughter in. Aunties don’t play.

March, 12 2013
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