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So it’s a hot afternoon and you duck into a park in Brooklyn under a canopy of trees or maybe you were just sitting quietly reading your newspaper or catching a quick picnic lunch when a riot broke out…

It’s not quite funk, not quite jazz is it? Could be punk, could be ska? You think you heard cabaret and a lil bit of rock and roll. You can’t quite make it all out.

Well… it’s all those things. It’s FISHBONE on a summer afternoon in New York, stirring up a ruckus as they are wont to do. AND they sound as good as ever.


More pics to come….

Old folks just relaxing in the park, then Fishbone jumps on a stage and tears shit up. No big deal, just a Thursday afternoon. I love New York City. This is the shit that happens here. Some old folks were digging it too. I saw them!