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Salecia Johnson, 6, handcuffed after tantrum: What’s wrong with this picture? »


Please…. pay attention.

I posted a similar story last year about the exact same treatment of a SEVEN year old boy who had a tantrum at school and was arrested and taken to the precinct by police before his mother was notified by the school authorities.

Here once again we have the same thing happening to a SIX year old girl.

Earlier this week I reblogged a link about the business of prison in American society. 

If you don’t think these things are connected please think again.

This SIX year old girl now has an arrest record. If she has any future encounters with the authorities for any reason, that will count against her. 

Color of Change has a petition here that can be signed asking for the arrest to be removed from this SIX year old’s record.

So it appears we are starting the prison assembly line with SIX year olds now?

I am willing to bet good money that some of the chemical imbalances created by the foods we eat, or the inoculations we give kids at a young age or any other numbers of factors are contributing causes of kinder tantrums in social settings. Instead of studying the problem, we will instead damage the lives of the kids by treating them like criminals for something over which they probably have little or no control.

The adults continue to fail the kids…

If you feel inclined PLEASE click on the link for Color of Change’s petition and add your voice.

Thank you!